Heart Valve Surgery

//Heart Valve Surgery

Heart Valve Surgery

A type of surgical procedure for the treatment of heart valve surgery is known as heart valve surgery. A heart specialist usually performs this surgery on the mitral valve but may also carry out this procedure on aortic, tricuspid and pulmonic valves. If heart valve repair surgery cannot cure the patient completely, the doctor goes for heart valve surgery. The purpose of heart valve surgeries can be the replacement of a valve or its repair if there is no need for a replacement and your heart can be repaired.


During every beat of our heart, the flaps in the heart valves open and close. The best cardiologist in Kolkata performs a heart valve surgery or a heart valve repair surgery when the valves aren’t able to close properly anymore. Whether you need to undergo a repair surgery or minimally invasive heart surgery or open-heart valve surgery, depends on the severity of the case. A number of factors ranging from your health to your age play a major role in the doctor’s decision about your treatment option.

Before the treatment

The doctor may ask you to get admission at the hospital a few days before the surgery. During this period, the cardiologist will explain about this surgical procedure of heart treatment in Kolkata in details and also provide you with instructions for recovery.

You may need to undergo several tests like an electrocardiogram and various blood tests before the surgery. You have to wash your body with an antiseptic right before the operation. There will be the removal of hair from over your chest and abdomen by hospital staff.


A doctor can perform a traditional heart valve surgery or minimally invasive heart valve surgery, depending on the situation. Your breastbone will be cut open by the surgeon in the first process. Then he/she replaces the affected valve. During the whole process, you will be in deep sleep under the effect of anaesthesia. In the right side of your chest, the surgeon will make small incisions in the second process. There will be the checking of your heart valves before and after the surgery by using a transesophageal echo. The recovery time is much less in a minimally invasive surgery and there is also less blood loss.


You will recover within 4 to 8 weeks after the surgery. However, there will be a faster recovery in minimally invasive surgeries. The doctor will advise you to exercise and practice basic care. Between 6 to 8 weeks after the heart valve surgery, you will have to visit the heart specialist for a check-up.