Take care of your heart with an anti-inflammatory diet

//Take care of your heart with an anti-inflammatory diet

Take care of your heart with an anti-inflammatory diet

You probably already know that high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels pose major threat for your heart. But do you know about the inflammation? While you might not be aware of the fact but inflammation plays a key role and working to reduce it can prevent strokes and heart attacks.

“Just like we are targeting cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose, we also need to work on inflammation” – says the best cardiologist in Kolkata.  Here’s what you need to know to protect your heart from the damaging effects of inflammation.

 The role of inflammation in heart disease –

Inflammation is a part of your body’s response to an injury or illness. When you have an infection or wound, inflammation helps to fight off the bacteria and eventually facilitates the healing procedure. Build-up of cholesterol in your arteries can trigger an inflammatory response, too.  Also, inflammation may promote the growth of plaques and trigger blood clots – the biggest cause of strokes and heart attacks.  When a blood clot blocks an artery to your heart, you have a heart attack. If the blood clots block an artery to the brain, you have a stroke.

What are some anti-inflammatory life-style changes?

  • Quit smoking

Smoking damages the blood vessels and promotes conditions like arteriosclerosis. By quitting, you can reduce your heart disease’s risk a lot.

  • Maintaining a healthy weight

Did you know being overweight increases your risk of multiple diseases? Also, carrying excess fat around your belly is a red flag for risks like heart disease.  A type of fat which accumulates in the belly often causes inflammation.

  • Increasing activity

Exercising for as little as 30 minutes a day can decrease inflammation.  However, you don’t really need to go for an intense sweat session – moderate forms of exercise such as jogging, first walking and swimming are pretty effective.

  • Eat a heart-healthy diet

Say NO to fast and processed foods which are often responsible producing inflammation. On the other hand, consume some whole foods which are anti-inflammatory. For instance, the best cardiologist in Kolkata often suggest eating some more fruits, veggies, beans, fatty-fish and nuts.

The good news is that you can actually control inflammation by avoiding factors which activate body’s immunity response.  Consider making the lifestyle changes mentioned above and it help you to fight bad cholesterol, reduce high blood sugar and lower the blood pressure level.

“Chronic inflammation doesn’t produce ant notable symptoms”- says the best cardiologist doctor in Kolkata.  The only way to measure it is a blood test. You should be more careful about going for regular screening for inflammation.