Control Your Cholesterol during the Holidays

//Control Your Cholesterol during the Holidays

Control Your Cholesterol during the Holidays

Winter is here and ’Tis the season to be jolly.

The Christmas holidays are full of fun get-togethers and of course lots of fattening foods which are harmful to you – especially when you are the one with high cholesterol.

“Around the holidays, you easily tend to lose yourself. Perhaps this is the absolute worst thing you can do when you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or other heart conditions” – says the best heart specialist in Kolkata

The expert also notes – “In a single month you might end up eating all the wrong things at once.  It often puts significant stress on your body and heart condition.”

While it is easy to consume foods that are high in saturated fats and calories, adopting new lifestyle changes can also be very simple when you really care for your health. All you need to do is just make a few small changes to ensure that you enjoy your holidays without harming your heart health.

So, let’s get started without wasting another second.

Watch the fats and calories in beverages

It’s no surprise that a creamy, full-fat treat is a big NO-NO when you have high cholesterol. Therefore, avoid it whenever possible. Keep in mind; any after-dinner drink that has whipped-cream or any sugary beverage could have both saturated fat and calories which undo the effects of your low-cholesterol diet.

Does that mean you have to minus all the drinks even during the holidays? Well, you need to consult your concerned cardiologist in Kolkata to discuss your holiday beverages. But remember to drink only in moderation.

A useful tip – Alter a glass of red wine with a calorie-free non-alcoholic beverage like sparkling water.

Eat Smart During the Holidays 

An expert cardiologist will always guide you not to skip your meals. Following a healthy-eating guideline doesn’t mean starving. You have to eat a healthy breakfast, drink lots of calorie-free liquids, and eat light, small but frequent meals when you are at home. Try to opt for healthier options even when you are eating outside with your friends and family members.

A useful tip – Aren’t you comfortable with the nachos, dipped in mayonnaise, your friends are munching on? Carry small boxes of snacks, vegetables, fruits, and fatless yogurt.

Plan ahead before a party

Never arrive at an event where holiday treats are present. A yummy delight is even tougher to resist when you are starving. Therefore, try to have a healthy snack at home before you attend the party. Try hummus dip and veggies or a handful of nuts and a glass of tomato juice.

Exercise at least 5 days a week

The best cardiologist in Kolkata recommends you to go for 30 minutes jogging on your treadmill. Or swim for 30 minutes in your nearest pool. If nothing, there are plenty of 30 minutes hit workout videos available on YouTube to follow at home. While “sweat it out even when you are busy during the holidays” is easier said than done, regular exercise can help to limit your overall cholesterol levels.

A useful tip  

if 30 minutes workout is not possible for you to do even on the holidays, climb up the stairs every time you are about to hit the elevator button.