Proximal Urethroplasty

//Proximal Urethroplasty

Proximal Urethroplasty

It is often found that there is a defect or an injury to the wall of the urethra.  A urologist uses Proximal Urethroplasty to treat this condition. It is a standard treatment for urethral strictures. If there is any stricture near the bladder, the doctor uses this procedure, which is an open repair of the urethra. When anyone suffers from a serious injury to the urethra, the doctor carries on this procedure on an emergency basis. These injuries can happen due to trauma, infections and iatrogenic injury.

The time needed for the procedure is almost 8 hours as it is a complex operational procedure. The patient may have to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days after the operation. However, this time may vary due to the health condition of the patient.

Pre-operative, surgery and post-operative phases are the three parts of the total procedure.

Before the treatment

You have to undergo a thorough physical examination as per the instruction of the urology doctor in Kolkata. There will be an evaluation of your health by pre-surgical screening or testing. Before the assessments, make sure you do not eat or drink anything for 8-12 hours. The doctor should have all the details about your health condition. Before the surgery, you may have to stop some medicines on the instruction of the doctor. You should also not eat or drink anything from the last night before the surgery.

The procedure

You will have to change into a surgical gown and lie on the bed. You will go to a deep sleep under the effect of anaesthesia. Depending on your medical condition and the surgery, the doctor will decide the type of anaesthesia to be given to you. Over the stricture either in between the anus and the scrotum or on the skin of the penis, an incision is done. The best urologist in Kolkata removes the scarred tissues after cutting them and widens the urethra with a buccal mucosa (cheek lining) or rejoins it over a catheter. Through the lower abdomen, the doctor inserts a suprapubic drain catheter (also called a drainage system) into the urinary bladder. He/she closes the open wounds with absorbable sutures after the operation is done. If the doctor took any graft from the cheek lining, the wound will heal by itself and there will not be any need of surgeries. However, in order to prevent swelling or browsing, the doctor will insert a small dressing pack in the mouth.


There will be a quick recovery of the patient if there is proper post-operative care. After the surgery, you may have to stay at the hospital. The doctor will remove the drain catheter on the second day or third day after the surgery. You cannot do any strenuous activities for 2-3 days after the surgery. You will need 6 – 8 weeks to fully recover.