Ureteroscopic Removal of Stone (Bladder)

//Ureteroscopic Removal of Stone (Bladder)

Ureteroscopic Removal of Stone (Bladder)

In the urinary tract, there are often various problems. A urologist treats these problems with the help of the procedure ureteroscopic removal of bladder stone. It involves inserting a scope into the bladder for treating various problems in the urinary tract. The doctor also removes ureteral stones in this procedure by passing a tiny wire basket into the lower part of the ureter for pulling the stone free. This surgical procedure is minimally invasive and the patient can quickly recover after it.

In this process, the urology doctors in Kolkata insert a telescope through the urethra into the bladder and the ureter to spot and remove stones. There is the use of forceps for plucking stones from the walls of the ureter and the bladder. The doctor takes the help of a kind of urology basket to grab the stones. If the stones are large, the doctor fragments them with helium laser rays and removes them from the bladder.

The patients can go home on the same day in most cases because this surgery is normally performed as an outpatient procedure. A urologist is now able to remove very small stones in or around the ureter and bladder with the help of newer technologies introduced to ureteroscopy procedure.

In the cases of pregnant and obese patients having stones in their bladder, ureteroscopy is a good choice. The treatment by ureteroscopic removal of bladder stone has minimal risks regarding bleeding, injury and infection in the ureter. The urology doctors normally place a stent inside the ureter to widen the place if it is very small. It normally takes place a couple of weeks before the surgical procedure.

Before the treatment

After the best urologist in Kolkata fixes a schedule for the surgical procedure, you should inform about any medicine as you may need to stop taking certain medicines before the surgery. There are also some medicines that you need to start taking. The doctor will instruct you not to eat or drink anything before the surgery.

The procedure

You will remain unconscious during the whole surgical procedure. The surgeon glides a ureteroscope gently into the bladder after inserting it into the urethra. There is a small camera fitted into the ureteroscope, which helps the surgeon to have an inside view of the ureter and the bladder. Until the scope comes close to the stones, the surgeon continues to push it through the ureter. In order to fragment or grasp the stones from the bladder walls, the surgeon uses laser fibre or urology basket. Laser rays cut the large stones into pieces and the surgeon removes them from the ureter and the bladder inner wall. The duration of the surgical procedure is almost one hour.


There may be a burning sensation several hours after the operation while you urinate. In order to get rid of the problem, you have to drink plenty of water to help get rid of the problem. It will also help if you take some medicines to numb the burning sensation. You may also see blood in the urine for 2-3 days. However, all these problems will go away in a few days and you will fully recover.