It is found that the coronary arteries in some people become hardened and this creates difficulty in the free-flowing of blood and oxygen through them. This condition is known as coronary artery disease and cardiologists perform angioplasty to treat this. There is the use of catheterization in this procedure to open up the artery making the flow easy. You may need to stay the night at the hospital after the surgery, which can take up to 1 to 3 hours.


The best angioplasty doctor in Kolkata performs this procedure by inserting a catheter into a blocked artery. Balloon method and the stent method are the two types of angioplasty normally done. The doctor aims to open the blocked artery in both the procedures so that the flow of blood and oxygen becomes consistent and easy.

Before the treatment

The doctor inserts a very thick plastic tube into an artery of yours through your arm or groin after using partial anaesthesia. There is a small amount of contrast liquid in the catheter, which is put into your blood vessels. The catheter starts photographing parts of your heart’s chambers, valves and vessels through X-ray while it moves. The heart specialist in Kolkata can ascertain the condition of your heart and arteries and decide whether it is necessary to perform angioplasty with the help of this procedure.

The procedure

Balloon method: After the heart specialist views your arteries on an X-ray monitor, he/she inserts a catheter through an artery in your leg or arm and passes the catheter until it reaches the narrowed area. There is a small balloon at the tip of the catheter, which inflates after entering the blocked artery and flattens the plaque against the artery wall.  This opens the artery and the blood flow becomes normal. The doctor then deflates the balloon and removes it from your body.

Stent method: While the heart doctor inserts the catheter with a balloon attached to its tip, he/she will also insert a stent along with it when he/she performs stent method angioplasty in Kolkata. This will help to keep the artery open and ensure smooth blood flow. The doctor will keep the stent in place so that the artery remains open.


You may have to lie on the bed for 6 hours after the surgery. The doctor may allow you to raise your head two pillows high after two hours. Until the doctor removes the tube if he/she inserted the catheter through your groin, you may not be able to eat anything. The doctor will ask you to continue a healthy diet after the removal of the tube. The doctor puts a bandage around the area until it gets healed if he/she inserted the catheter through your waist or arm.