Ureteric Reimplantation

//Ureteric Reimplantation

Ureteric Reimplantation

A number of tubes connect the urinary bladder and the kidneys. If there is any

change in position of the tubes, urine cannot pass properly. The ureter supports the normal flow of urine in one way from the kidney to the bladder. However, in some cases, there is a bad connection to the ureter. This leads to reflux, in which urine goes back to the kidney instead of flowing into the bladder. The kidneys get scarred and perpetually damaged. A urologist performs Ureteric Reimplantation to fix the positions of the tubes so that urine does not recede into the kidneys. The Ureteric Reimplantation surgery takes several hours to complete.

The urology doctors in Kolkata carry out Ureteric Reimplantation procedure in children under general anaesthesia. The doctor also instructs to give caudal anaesthesia to the child in addition to anaesthesia so that there is relief from pain in the waist area.

Pediatric urology surgeons are those who specialize in treating the reproductive organs and urinary tracts of children. After the surgery, your child should stay 1-2 days in the hospital.

The parents should follow the urology doctor’s instructions regarding the care of their children before, during and after the surgery for quicker recovery from the problem.

Before the treatment

Before the surgical procedure, the doctors give specific eating and drinking instructions to the parents for their children. Some instructions are given by the doctors to the parents of children above 12 months. According to the instructions, they should not give any non-clear liquids or solid foods from midnight before the surgery. From 4 hours before the surgery, mothers should not breastfeed infants below 12 months. The parents should stay calm and give mental support to the children before the surgery. They have also to sign a consent letter for the anaesthesia and the surgery. The urologists in Kolkata evaluate the child’s medical history and weight before the operation.

The procedure

The surgeons make an incision in the lower part of the abdomen above the pubic bone after the child falls asleep under the effect of general anaesthesia. There are several ways in which surgeons can perform Ureteric Reimplantation. After the surgical procedure, the surgeons close the wounds with dissolvable sutures. There is a simple dressing for the incision, which the parents need to change at regular intervals.


Your child stays in the recovery room for a time period after the surgery. The doctors attach a breathing tube and a catheter to the child’s body. The child is removed to the hospital room after all the vital signs become normal. The parents must follow the doctor’s advice and take proper care at home when the child gets released from the hospital.