Is Infertility a hereditary problem?

//Is Infertility a hereditary problem?

Is Infertility a hereditary problem?

Planning to have a child for a long time?

Many adults all over the world feel frustrated and sad when they don’t get a positive result. But, struggle in conception doesn’t mean that there is a major defect in your body.

However, as a matter of fact infertility can run in families. This means that your success rate of conceiving naturally can be similar to that of your parents..

Infertility can seem like the end of everything, but through  patient counseling by an infertility doctor in Kolkata, it can be shown  that there are many options to help you in your journey to parenthood.

In this blog, we’ve shared the possible reasons behind determining if your infertility is hereditary, and the possible reasons behind not being able to conceive naturally:

It’s important to remember that according to top infertility doctors in Kolkata there is no infertility gene, and it cannot explicitly be said that every parent who is infertile passes the condition through their DNA.

The reasons are as follows:

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Certain case studies have shown that problems with a woman’s ovary can be inherited from her mother. This includes PCOS, a condition that affects the functioning of ovaries that could lead to irregular periods and lack of ovulation.

PCOS is one of the most common reasons behind women who are having difficulties with conceiving, but thanks to medical science. Nowadays, infertility treatments are able to help PCOS sufferers to become pregnant.


A complicated condition of the uterine tissues. Endometriosis is another potential reason behind hereditary infertility. This is because the condition can be passed from mother to daughter, with a side effect, being unable to conceive in the desired time.

Klinefelter’s syndrome

Another reason behind a genetic cause of male infertility is Klinefelter’s syndrome; a condition whereby men have an extra X chromosome that is passed from their father. It is one of the most common chromosomal disorder for men all over the world, and affects approximately one in 650 men.

So, we can conclude by saying that hereditary infertility has an answer and the answer is in the positive. So, no more reason to get upset for adults who are struggling to become parents. Advancement in the medical science and the best infertility doctors in Kolkata are able to rule out the causes of hereditary infertility through the treatments.