Testicular Biopsy

//Testicular Biopsy

Testicular Biopsy

Testicular Biopsy: What is it?

A testicular biopsy collects a tissue sample from the testicle that goes through laboratory analysis. The tissue is tested with the help of a microscope.

A testicular biopsy is usually used to:

  • diagnose the position and state of a lump present in the testes
  • diagnose the reasons behind male infertility
  • acquire sperm meant for in vitro fertilization (IVF)

How is the Test Performed

According to infertility doctors in Kolkata, the biopsy can be performed in a number of ways. The type of the treatment will depend on one’s reason for undergoing the test.

  • Open biopsy is commonly performed in a surgical center, the provider’s office, or in a hospital. In this type of biopsy, the skin above the testicle is cleansed using an antiseptic medicine. The part around it is then wrapped with a sterilized towel. A local sedative is provided in order to numb the area. A tiny surgical cut is then made through which a small piece of testicle tissue is collected. The cut is then closed carefully with the help of a stitch.
  • Needle biopsy is mostly conducted in the office of the infertility doctor in Kolkata. The area is first cleaned properly, after which a local anesthesia is provided, quite similar to an open biopsy. A small sample of the testicle is acquired with the help of a special needle. This process does not involve any cut in the skin.

In certain cases, a needle biopsy may not be feasible or recommended.

How Should You Prepare for the Test

A good infertility doctor in Kolkata may advise you against the intake of aspirin or medicines containing aspirin at least a week prior to the biopsy. It is always important to consult the physician before discontinuing any medicine.

How Does the Test Feel

A small sting is usually experienced when the anesthetic is provided. During the biopsy, it is common to feel discomfort that is similar to a pinprick.


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