Cervical Ectropion: Causes and Treatment

//Cervical Ectropion: Causes and Treatment

Cervical Ectropion: Causes and Treatment

Cervical ectropion is a type of health condition in which cells present inside the cervix develop a red, swollen patch on the outer part of the cervix. Also termed as cervical erosion, this condition is not generally considered a major health issue. However, owing to the way it appears, it may be difficult to distinguish it from the early stage of cervical cancer. Hence it is better to visit the best gynaecologist in Kolkata.


In most cases, women experiencing cervical ectropion will not observe any symptoms at all. As weird as it may sound, some may not even be aware of having it until they visit the best gynecologist in Kolkata and undergo a pelvic examination. According to top gynaecologists in Kolkata, the symptoms are likely to be:

i. slight discharge of mucus
ii. spotting in between periods
iii. experiencing bleeding and pain during and after engaging in intercourse
This pain and bleeding may even occur during a pelvic exam.


The exact cause of cervical ectropion cannot usually be determined. Sometimes women are born with this condition. It could also occur due to hormonal imbalances. Owing to this reason, it is quite common among women falling within the reproductive age. This age-group includes pregnant women, teenagers and women using contraceptive pills which contain a high level of estrogen.


Cervical ectropion can be observed during a regular pelvic examination. This condition is properly visible at a pelvic exam since your cervix will look bright red and coarser than usual. While undergoing the exam, you may experience a little bleeding. Even though there may be no link between the two, early stages of cervical cancer appears a lot like this condition. The Pap test helps in ruling out cervical cancer.

Need for treatment:

As long as your symptoms are not bothering you, there is no reason to treat this condition. In most cases, women experience very few problems, and it can disappear without treatment. However, if you are experiencing severe symptoms that causing harm — for instance, bleeding, discharge of mucus or pain after intercourse, then it is advisable to consult one of the top gynaecologists in Kolkata.

The most common treatment for cervical ectropion is conducting cauterization of the affected area, which helps to prevent bleeding and abnormal discharges. This is usually achieved through the use of cold (cryosurgery), heat (diathermy), or silver nitrate.

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