A Brief Overview On The Holep Treatment

//A Brief Overview On The Holep Treatment

A Brief Overview On The Holep Treatment

HoLEP (Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate) is known as a type of laser surgery useful for treating the obstruction of natural urine flow. Urine flow obstruction can be caused due to a condition of BPH which causes enlarged prostate glands in the older men. Enlarged prostate leads one to experience multiple syndromes such as inability to urinate, frequent urination, loss of bladder control or difficulty in starting urination.

People, who are suffering due to the above mentioned conditions, can seek help from HoLEP treatment in Kolkata.  Read on to know more how the procedure works.

Holmium laser therapy has been found particularly effective in performing multiple urological surgeries. Laser ray is used to emulsify and remove the bulky prostate tissue which is messing up with the urine flow.

Who Would Be Benefitted With The Help Of The Holep Treatment?

More than 40% of men above the age of 60 are benefitted with the surgery of HoLEP treatment. As men age, this condition even worsen. Although, several cases of urinary obstruction can be treated without the surgery, this surgery is for the candidates who are not benefitted from any other form of treatment.

What Happens Before The Holep Treatment?

A pre-surgical consultation session includes an evaluation of the patient’s physical exam along with the medical history required for determining the severity of symptoms. A digital rectum exam is also done in order to see how much urine remains in one’s bladder after urinating.  It helps to measure the amount of obstruction of the urinary function.

Laboratory tests include blood test, urinalysis, possible PSA level test and biopsy.  In some cases, urodynamics test is performed in order to evaluate how a patient’s bladder is working.

Before a HoLEP treatment in Kolkata is performed, a candidate needs to cut off the usage of blood-thinning drugs for at least ten days.

What Happens During A Holep Surgery?

Most usually, HoLEP treatment in Kolkata is followed by an administration of general anesthesia.  An antibiotic or injection is given to cut down the chances of infection.  A resectoscope (surgical device) is channelized through the urethra and the device is emitted with laser.  Laser therapy helps to emulsify the enlarged prostate tissue.  When the tissue removal is finished the surgical device is removed and morcellator, used to suck out the tissue is positioned. Once after the surgery is successfully finished, a candidate is admitted to the hospital for care and observation.