Pre-Emptive Kidney Transplant: What Is It?

//Pre-Emptive Kidney Transplant: What Is It?

Pre-Emptive Kidney Transplant: What Is It?

Pre-emptive kidney transplant is a kind of transplant that is usually performed before one’s kidney functions worsen to such a state that dialysis becomes the only option to restore the kidney’s usual filtering functions. At present, it has been seen that most of these transplants are carried out on those who are already on dialysis. This is due to the fact that the kidneys are no longer capable of flushing out impurities adequately from the blood.

Pre-emptive kidney transplant is regarded as the most preferred form of treatment in cases of end-stage kidney infections, but are not performed by kidney specialist in Kolkata very frequently.


A number of factors are thought to be connected to this type of kidney transplants, such as:

  • Scarcity of kidney donors
  • Difficulty in accessing transplant centers
  • Lower rates of doctor referrals for this transplant among patients belonging to lower socio-economic status
  • Scarcity of physicians who are aware of present guidelines

Why is it performed?

The advantages of undergoing a pre-emptive kidney transplant before dialysis in case of end-stage kidney diseases are:

  • Lower threat of the donor kidney being rejected by the body
  • Higher survival rates
  • Improved life quality