Tuberculin skin test

//Tuberculin skin test

Tuberculin skin test

Tuberculosis (or TB) is a condition caused due to bacterial infection. Majority of people who get infected with this disease display no signs or symptoms since the bacteria are known to be dormant. This is commonly known as TB infection (latent TB).

Some people suffering from latent TB will gradually develop active TB disease. This could infect any part of your body but typically affects the lungs.

Also termed as the Mantoux test, the tuberculin skin test (TST) is a type of skin test to identify if one has been infected with these bacteria.

Why is it done?

In case of children, the TST is usually recommended by a pediatric surgeon in Kolkata to:

  • detect latent TB in a child who may have come in contact with another child diagnosed with active TB
  • confirm if someone has this infection before they are employed to work at a health care center
  • to check if someone has latent TB prior their travel to a place which is known to have high TB rates
  • before giving the BCG vaccination to babies aged over 6 months


How to care for the injection site?

After you have received the injection, a pediatric surgeon in Kolkata will surely ask you to follow these:

  • Avoid rubbing or scratching the injection area.
  • Leave it open: do not try covering it with any cream, ointment or dressing.
  • If you notice blisters developing in that area and experience discomfort, immediately apply a cold compress to that part.
  • Carry on with your daily activities after the test including swimming, sports, showering, and so on.


How to understand the results?

Once you have received the results of the test, a pediatric surgeon in Kolkata will take into account a few factors while interpreting it:

  • medical history
  • If you’ve ever had past contact with TB
  • If you had been given the BCG vaccination
  • your age
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