Septoplasty is a surgical process used for fixing a deviated septum. It is a dislocation of the cartilage and bone that separates the two nostrils. During this surgery, the nasal septum is straightened and relocated in the middle of the nose. A good ENT specialist in Kolkata will be required to cut and eliminate certain parts of the nasal septum before inserting them back in the correct position.

Why it’s done

It is normal to have some deviation of the septum. However, if it gets severe, it may block one side of the nose and cut down airflow, resulting in breathing difficulties through either or both sides.

If one experiences certain symptoms like breathing difficulty through the nose, they must consider consulting a top ENT doctor in Kolkata to fix a deviated septum.


Just like any other major surgery, septoplasty is also associated with certain risks, such as infection, bleeding, and unpleasant reaction to anesthetics. Some other likely risks include:

  • Persistence in earlier symptoms like nasal obstruction, in spite of surgery
  • Excessive bleeding
  • A transformation in the shape of the nose
  • A cavity in the septum
  • A reduction in the sense of smell
  • A clotting of blood in the nasal passage that must be drained
  • A momentary numb sensation in the upper gum

How you prepare

Prior to scheduling a surgery, you should meet a good ENT specialist in Kolkata to discuss the risks and benefits involved in the surgery. The doctor will take into account:

  • Medical history:The doctor will ask questions about your past health conditions as well as present medications.
  • A physical examination.The doctor will conduct a physical test, including any other relevant test. They may also check your skin, and the internal and external part of your nose.
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